Parasite Prevention

September 26, 2019

Intestinal parasites are among a number of diseases that can be transmitted from animal to man with potentially devastating results—blindness, even death. And infection is widespread: nine percent of humans in the western United States test positive for roundworm. Fortunately, prevention is simple. Protect your pet by administering a simple monthly pill. Protect yourself and your family by avoiding the sources of infection.

Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and their eggs are shed in the feces of dogs, cats, raccoons any many other mammal species. Due to their size, raccoon roundworms are especially dangerous. Once inside a human or animal body, the roundworm egg, from any animal species, takes up residence in the small intestine. Soon, it will hatch. In the larval stage, the worm leaves the bowel and wanders throughout the body—potentially migrating through the liver, kidney, heart, brain, or eye. In 2008, roundworm migration caused 700 cases of partial to total blindness in children. In 2007, two healthy adults in California died as a result of roundworm migration through the brain. Wherever it goes, the worm leaves behind a path of destruction and scar tissue.

Infection is simple and easier than you might think. Imagine this scenario. As your pet sits on the floor, or your couch, or your bed, a tiny particle of fecal material falls from his haircoat. Your two-year-old daughter, reaching for a toy, puts her hand down where the fecal material is lying. She then wipes her mouth and—bingo!—she swallows a roundworm egg.

So, please—discuss this threat with your family. Wash your hands after handling your pets. Wear gloves when working outside in the soil to prevent infection from wild animals. Ask any member of our staff about a medication called Interceptor to help keep your pets and your family safe from these potentially devastating diseases.

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