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Light Up Your Pet's Life

Our low-level therapy laser sends light deep into your pet's body to dramatically reduce swelling, improve blood supply, accelerate healing, and stop the transmission of pain.

We are excited to offer this breakthrough non-invasive treatment. While laser therapy is popular in Europe, there are only a thousand low-level lasers in use at veterinary hospitals in the United States.

We use a 10-watt therapy laser manufactured by the Lite-Cure Company. This laser is FDA approved for human use, so we know it is safe and effective. All of our veterinarians and veterinary technicians who use the machine have completed a three-hour hands-on training course using live pets and participated in additional educational courses to understand the physics behind the unit.

The therapy laser has exceeded even our highest expectations. We have seen good results treating acute and chronic pain, spine and nerve injuries, hot spots, cystitis, abdominal pain, chronic bronchitis, post operative pain, abscesses, contaminated wounds, fractures—even lick granulomas and peri-anal fistulas.

Call today to see if your pet can benefit from this new mode of therapy.

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